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We would love to work with you on projects and continuous delivery, to coach and train you and your teams


When working with individuals and teams, focus on enhancing the good and not on the bad. Explore and understand phenomena such as resilience, strengths, growth and motivation and how these relate to personal wellbeing and performance.


In managing teams, it's important have insight into how people construct a notion of who they are and how they operates in a work environment. Explore topics such as persuasion and conformity in the context of teams and change.


You approach things in your life differently to other people. Let's take a look at yours and other peoples preferred ways of engaging the world, intelligence, and emotions. Through this you will gain a better understanding of the ways in which people behave.


Let's take a journey through the world of learning. As we seek to build feedback and learning into our ways of working, as we should better understand the diverse needs and approaches of the learners themselves. While we are at it, let's also consider and explore cultural, economic and educational considerations.


Let's look at the psychological features that play a role in relationships. The relationships between employer and employee, manager and team member, resource and project manager or scrum master ... between two, amongst a few, the individuals within a large group. Within online and offline spaces, within a company culture.


The Cyber-world is new. Humans have adapted to the Natural-world through thousands of years. We have yet to adapt to Cyber-living. As we continue to make increasing use of technology, accelerated by Covid, we need to better understand the different things people do online, in the context of conferencing, social media, collaboration tools, mobile internet ...

Virtual Teams

Virtual teamwork and leadership  is different. You know it. There are many reasons why an organisation may need to operate with geographically dispersed teams. The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown us into new personal and psychological challenges faster than we could have predicted. We have to adapt. The science can help.

Flow & Lean

Have you ever been completely and utterly immersed in a task? Oblivious to the outside world, focused only on your progress, in the moment?

It’s likely that you’ve been experiencing a the psychological state state of Flow.

It's different but related to  the type of flow that your agile coaches have been talking about. They took that one from lean methodologies such as the Toyota Way.

Most likely your agile coaches have jumbled these ideas. Let me un-jumble them and explain the value of both. Oh, and let's cover mindfulness too.

ASKeds & eLs

A - Autonomy
S - Smart Mastery
K - Kindness
e - exercise
d - diet
s - sleep
& eLs - every day learnings

What a wonderful list. Is it too good to be true that these are the roots to enhanced business performance?

Let me explain to you why this is, in fact, so good that it must be true!

Why 360s will only make you dizzy

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Don't play it SAFe, scale down not up

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Jira only makes it queerer

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